Name: Patatita
Colours: Normal skin and tan skin.
Size: 1/4
Wig: 7 inch
Eyes: 14 mm
Price:  NS blank 100 euros,  tan skin blank 110 euros

 Status: SOLD OUT

-Blank head (no eyes or wig)
-Certificate of authenticity

I changed the factory that cast my heads, so older (Dollshe) skin colours are not available and previous resin matches do not work. New matches:

-Normal skinFantasy Doll normal pale skin, Swich normal skin, Mirodoll normal skin, Luts real skin (2014), April Story normal skin. I take this information from forums and Little Rebel web, so I don't see the real match in person, but since Fantasy Doll is the company that made my dolls, the match with this company would be 100%
-Tan skinFantasy Doll light tan skin

Please, take in mind that colours might chance slightly between batches.
Please, be sure you understand my dolls are handmade before order, they have some imperfections. Don't forget watch all the pictures before ordering.

You can see nude pictures with different bodies on "comparisons" section. You can find color matches here.

Blank head (original paperclay model):

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