Cosita posability and comparisons

Hybrid photos: (click on each to see more, ONLY USEFUL FOR PROPORTIONS REFERENCE)



IMPORTANT!! changed the factory that cast my heads, so older (Dollshe) skin colours are not available and previous resin matches do not work. New matches:
-Normal skinFantasy Doll normal pale skin, Swich normal skin, Mirodoll normal skin, Luts real skin (2014), April Story normal skin. I take this information from forums and Little Rebel web, so I don't see the real match in person, but since Fantasy Doll is the company that made my dolls, the match with this company would be 100%
-Tan skinFantasy Doll light tan skin

Please, take in mind that colours might chance slightly between batches.

The followinf pics are only usefull for OLD batches cast by Dollshe.
Dollshe skins colours:

Comparisons with my dolls (please, take in mind it's possible they are a little yellowed.And please, be sure to check the date of my dolls, it's possible that some companies changes colours since I get my dolls):

Without flah. Thank you very much to Enma Purpel.

With flash. Thank you very much to Enma Purple.

Fresh Skin- Mirodoll NS

I found this color comparisons pictures in DOA (but I don't know if NS is Fresh or Oriental, sorry)


IMPORTANT! Oriental color may show lighter marks in sanded zone on the top. Dollshe told me it is normal, not a defect. For tanned colors this marks can be more visibles: