Name: Amparita02
Colours: Normal Skin and white skin
Size: 1/3
Wig: 8-9 inch
Eyes: 16 - 18 mm
Price: 115 euros 
Stock: 7 normal skin and 1 white skin available

-Blank head (no eyes or wig)
-Certificate of authenticity

Face-up option is not available for now due to health issues, sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

-Normal skinFantasy Doll normal pale skin, Swich normal skin, Mirodoll normal skin, Luts real skin (2014), April Story normal skin and similar
-White skinFantasy Doll white skin and similar (this is the first time I'm going to order this color, sorry for not too much matches.

Please, take in mind that colours might chance slightly between batches.

Don't forget see entire description and watch all the pictures before ordering.  You can see the head in blank at the end of this post.

Colors can be slightly different due to monitor settings.

You can see she in other bodies at "comparisons" section. 
You can see owners pictures in this Facebook album and Gallery section.

This Amparita and this pics are owned by my friend Michiru. Her face-up is made by Nomyens so I CAN'T DO a face-up like this. Thank you for your understanding.