12 diciembre 2016


IMPORTANT NOTICE! Stock sales are closed until the end of November, thank you for your understanding.

-Amparita02 head in normal skin---> 7 available. Price 115 euros + shipping
-Amparita02 head in white skin---> 1 available. Price 115 euros + shipping
-Cosita in normal skin---> 2 available. Price 300 euros + shipping 
-Cosita in normal skin with faceup (photos soon)--> 2 available. 320 euros + shipping (ask for them!)
-Cosita in dark tan skin---> 1 available. Price 315 euros + shipping SOLD OUT
-Chispita in normal skin--> 5 available. Price 300 euros + shipping
-Chispita in tan skin--> 2 available. Price 320 euros + shipping

IMPORTANT: Due to health issues face-up service is not available for now, sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


If you want to adopt one of my dolls, please, send me an email to kao_chanita@hotmail.com with the following information:

*Doll name
*Skin colour 
* Real name and address.
*If you want face-up and what you want. Price is 25 euros for regular face-up.*If you want to pay using layaway
*If you want to pay in USD or Euro, in order to give you more exacte change.

*I will use registered/certificated mail for sending the heads, giving a tracking number. I won't use EMS because is too expensive in my country, but if you want other shipping method, please let me know when you place your order. 

*Once the order is made and payed, it cannot be cancelled or refunded.

* For further information, take a look at the FAQs and Shop sections.

*No refunds except for wrong/broken items.

*Please, be sure you understand my dolls are handmade before order, they could have small imperfections or can be not completely symmetrical.  These are not consifered as defects.

*Colors can be slightly different due to monitor settings.

*Don't forget see entire description and watch all the pictures before ordering. 

The accepted payment methods are:
Spain: Bank Transfer or Paypal
Other Countries: Paypal

Shipping Fee:
-Spain: 7,50 € (registered mail)
-UE: 17 € (registered mail, takes around 3 weeks to arrives)
-Other Countries: 25 € (registered mail, takes around 3 weeks to arrives)

For any other question, please, feel free to contact me to kao_chanita@hotmail.com

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myassignmenthelp writing service review dijo...

Prices are too high for these and shipping charges too, this is not cool, I thought of buying it but prices are high, please use some discounts, lol.

Solsikke dijo...

Aussiessayservices.com/myassignmenthelp-blah-blah-blah (a too long name to type it, sorry): do you really know anything about legit BJD's? You must be having a truly bad day to write such kind of a comment, or you're just a troll (who knows). When an artist (or whoever) offers something for sale, if you consider it is pricey, it is so simple as closing the webpage and go "sailing another seas". There is no need to be unpolite and disrespectful... and yes, it is quite disrespectful to tell an artist that you consider his/her prices too high, specially if you also say that you like his/her work and were considering purchasing it.

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